Our Mission

We exist to bring children to an encounter with Christ and to help parents make the Church feel like your home, and your home feel like the Church. 

     Kingdom Kids was created to help parents make the treasures of the Catholic Church accessible to their entire family. Childhood is a precious and invaluable time in life - In those early years, children are shaping their belief of who they are and what they know to be true about the world around them. And yet, it can feel overwhelming to include the Catholic Church - which embodies our Truth and our Identity - as a key part of our young children’s lives.  We create resources steeped in Beauty, Goodness, and Truth to ensure kids know they have a place in Mass and that Jesus founded the Church to be close to them.

Kingdom Kids is a place parents can come to know they are not alone in the challenging mission of raising their little saints. 

About the Founder

Ellie Fitzgerald, a first time mom to a little babe coming in February, is a Montessori teacher and founder of Kingdom Kids. She graduated from Franciscan University with a psychology degree and became Montessori-Certified immediately after. After teaching preschool for four years, she felt called to combine her knowledge of child development and educational theory with her passion for the Catholic Faith to bring you Kingdom Kids.