Children's Mass Devotionals

Our goal at Kingdom Kids is to help you help your children connect to the Holy Mass - Check out what we did for Advent to see what our future Mass Devotionals for children will be like! 

The first part of the devotionals are "Shep's Gospel Adventure" stories for each Sunday Gospel. These are five minute stories in which Shep dives into the reading for the week, taking the children back in time to the setting of each Gospel.  You will also find a note to the parents with each story that includes words to listen for when the Gospel is proclaimed at Mass that week to encourage the connection.

Secondly, the devotional includes a "Mass Gem" for each Sunday Mass. These are quick lesson prompts for you to discuss with your children before Mass, and help them remember throughout Mass. Our goal is to uncover the beauty of the Mass one "gem" at a time to build excitement around the idea of going to Mass, along with giving purpose and engagement throughout the Mass to your young ones. 


We are currently praying hard and working hard to see how these devotionals will grow and change to continue to serve young families. Sign up for our newsletter on the home page to stay up to date on when the devotionals will be coming back -- new and improved!