Meet Shep

Hey there, Kingdom Kids! My name is Shep. I am a herding dog who grew up on the fields outside of a town called Jerusalem. I got to work with the shepherds there to protect our sheep from wolves and thieves, and when I wasn’t on the job making sure my sheep were safe, I was usually playing chase with the shepherd children or collecting sticks. But, most people know me as the pup who followed around the best Shepherd there has ever been - Jesus! Do you know who He is? The Son of God who came down to earth all the way from Heaven to make sure we knew how special and loved we are? (Yep. Very special and very loved. That’s you.) Well guess what. I saw Him tell ALL of His followers how important children are and how much He loved being with them. But the silliest thing happened.  His apostles all went and talked to a bunch of adults. That’s right - no kids involved. So, I knew I had to find every single child on earth and make sure they heard the Gospel too.  So here I am, an apostle just for YOU - the Kingdom Kids.